To have been born and lived all our lives in the Peak District is a fortunate thing and to support the environment is a just and deserved objective. We support our statement with the following criteria.

  • We have undergone a favourable mini environmental health check and we endeavour to maintain and improve.
  • We have an ongoing programme to use low energy light bulbs.
  • We have double glazing throughout and insulation of loft, walls and lagging.
  • Water replacement blocks are fitted inside toilet flushing systems.
  • A rated electrical appliances have been introduced to replace older versions.
  • Washing machines for bed linens ,also dishwashing machine are low energy, low temperature and low water use. We reuse towels wherever possible.
  • High efficiency gas boilers and water heater have been installed.
  • We support the local community by purchasing local produce wherever possible. Our bacon, sausage and free range eggs are from a local butcher. Tomatoes and potatoes are grown at Stoney Ridge when ever possible. We also have free range hens to supplement our egg usage. Jars for our homemade marmalade are recycled.
  • We support our local services such as builders for property maintenance, tree surgeons, window cleaners etc.
  • We use recycled products when ever we can.
  • Bottles, cans, plastic and paper are recycled regularly.
  • Green waste is composted and reused on the garden. The use of peat is therefore minimised.
  • We conserve water by not watering our lawns.
  • We encourage guests to walk from the door for recreational purposes and local services.
  • Enhanced biodiversity in the garden in the selection bird feeders and nest boxes and bat boxes.
  • Lighting is reduced in strategic areas by use of time switches and by not leaving TV’s on standby.
  • House and guest room temperatures are regularly checked and adjusted to maintain optimum levels.
  • We are constantly striving to reduce the amount of rubbish we put out for collection.